Are you running a Facebook or Instagram marketing campaign with the incorrect objective? Is it possible that a different ad objective may yield greater results?

Facebook ads are a great tool to get your message in front of the platform’s 2.5 billion monthly users. That's why these are attractive to advertisers.

It's essential to choose the right campaign goal. Here's a breakdown of the various ad objectives and when they should be used.

1. Brand Awareness

If you want to establish a memorable brand and have the ability to measure ad recall lift, the Brand Awareness objective is an excellent choice.

2. Reach

If you're planning a local event and want to reach out to as many people as possible, the Reach objective is a suitable choice.

3. Traffic

If you want to send people to your website to read a blog post or browse at your menu, the Traffic objective is a great choice.

4. Engagement

If you want to grow page fans, give social proof to a post, or increase sign-ups for a Facebook event, the Engagement campaign target is appropriate.

5. App Installs

If you want people to download and use your app, the App Installs objective is a smart choice.

6. Video Views

If you want visitors to watch an introductory video or obtain more views on your Facebook Live replay, the Video Views objective is ideal.

7. Lead Generation

Use this, If you want potential consumers to be able to simply enter their information but your website lacks a sign-up form or isn't mobile-friendly,

8. Messages

The Messages objective is a good option if you want people to have an opportunity to chat with you or ask questions prior to making a purchase.

9. Conversions

If you want to send users to your website with the aim of making a purchase or entering their information to become a lead, the Conversions objective is excellent.

10. Catalog Sales

If you have a big number of products and want to display potential consumers items based on their previous contacts with your company, the Catalog Sales goal is a smart solution.

11. Store Traffic

If you have multiple stores and want visitors to visit the one closest to them, the Store Traffic aim is ideal.