Today, Many people desire to make videos on YouTube and become famous YouTubers to gain fame and wealth. Many talented people wonder if they can start a YouTube channel without showing their  face.

There are many ways to make money. When you make faceless videos, you don't need a lot of equipment and only need to think about what you're going to say.

Here are some of the best videos ideas that you can use for creating your YouTube channel without showing your face:

1. Unboxing & Product Reviews

You may do this for any niche because other channels like Technical Guruji use this concept. Simply record video holding the product, unboxing it, and giving your review.

2. Biography videos

You can search biographies of famous people and celebrities. Then write down all the main points which you want to include in the video like Birth, Education, Wife, Education, etc.

3. Game streaming

You can start a  gaming channel to showcase your talents. All you have to do is record your gaming sessions and give tips to the viewers on how to improve their gameplay.

4. Facts YouTube channel ideas

You can produce videos about haunted or historical places, dolls, etc. Look for source-related photos for your video. People appreciate reading about interesting areas.

5. Pets channel

Pets and funny pet videos are popular hobbies. You can talk about animals, cleaning tips, immunisation food, breeds, etc. on your YouTube channel.

6. How to Videos

Anyone with a skill can create how-to videos without showing their face. 5 Minute Crafts has 76 million fans. They make videos showing how to do easy crafts, DIY or life hacks.

7. Cooking Videos

If you enjoy cooking, this is the perfect idea for you. You simply need to prepare a variety of delectable foods, video them, and share them to show your audience.

8. Home Decoration

You might start a YouTube channel to show people how to decorate their homes for special occasions like Diwali, Christmas, New Year's Eve, weddings, and so on.

9. Time-Lapse videos

The video can be of stars, clouds, fruit, cityscapes, etc. This has become a highly popular notion, and many people watch films like this because it is simple to do.

10. Travel Videos

If you enjoy travelling, you can begin recording your travels and highlighting their uniqueness, history, etc. The best part is that you dont' have to show your face.