MyOS 11 Update: Eligible ZTE Phones and Features


MyOS 11 Update: Eligible ZTE Phones and Features

ZTE, a well-known smartphone manufacturer, has finally unveiled ZTE MyOS 11, its own bespoke skin. The custom Skin will, as usual, run on top of the Android operating system and provide a slew of new customization options. All selected ZTE smartphones will receive the MyOS 11 update in the near future. The new MyOS stream desktop, stream screen, light application set, and floating window are a few of the highlights of the MyOS 11.

ZTE MyOS 11 Features

ZTE has spent a lot of time working on MyOS 11 to make it a more streamlined operating system with a lot of features and optimizations. Starting with the most important highlights, the ZTE MyOS 11 has a brand-new streaming desktop feature. It’s also said to be the most significant upgrade to the MyOS 11 operating system. The streaming desktop is a personal drawer where you can make a copy of anything and save it. A good and visible interface makes the user experience more fluid.

A second major feature of the UI is the Streaming screen. It’s a new AI-based feature that adjusts the widget on the home screen based on usage patterns, time, location, and other factors. For a certain group of people, it’s a very valuable function. We are eager to put this feature to the test. Spotlight App Collection is another feature of MyOS 11, which allows users to construct their own unique and totally configurable desktop.

Another component of the UI is the Rhinoceros Window. It’s nothing more than a combination of the sidebar and windows. In PIP mode, users may effortlessly use any application while gaming or conducting any job. The windows function may be activated immediately from the sidebar, which is really convenient.

ZTE phones that have received MyOS 11

  • ZTE Axon 30 5G
  • ZTE Axon 30 Pro 5G
  • ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G
  • ZTE S30 Pro
  • ZTE S30 SE
  • ZTE S30

Later, MyOS 11 will be released for other ZTE eligible phones. The company has not revealed their rollout plan yet as well as MyOS 11 supported phones list.




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