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Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Bloggers in 2023


In 2023, here is the definitive list of the finest Google Adsense alternatives for monetizing your blog and website.

If your Google Adsense account has been suspended and you’re seeking a new way to monetize your site, this post is for you. Or If you want to supplement your revenue from your blog, consider posting adverts on it. You’ll need an ad platform, which is a service that connects web advertisers with website publishers, to accomplish this.

When hunting for an ad network, you’ve probably come across Google AdSense. With over 10 million websites employing it, it is the most commonly utilized pay-per-click (PPC) platform on the internet. AdSense is a straightforward, dependable tool that compensates publishers fairly for click-through revenue. However, it isn’t the only option; you might want to look at AdSense alternatives.

We’ll go over why you might want to use a different ad network for your site in this piece. Then, outside of AdSense, we’ll look at the top ad networks for swiftly monetizing your site.

List of The Best Google Adsense Alternatives ‎for 2023

1. is the Best Google AdSense Alternative, which is powered by Yahoo! and Bing, is one of the top Google AdSense alternatives. It provides highly-paying contextual advertising that is totally personalized (to match the design and feel of your blog).

After trying numerous ad networks, I believe is the only one that retains ad quality after AdSense, which is why it is my preferred ad network.

It only accepts high-quality blogs, so if you have a lot of daily traffic (especially from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia), you can apply right now.

Even though its evaluation procedure is quicker than Google Adsense, you will only have to wait up to two business days to know the current status of your website (whether it gets approved or declined).

It is also one of the most important markets for advertisements looking to optimize their brand exposure. As a result, you have a better chance of getting highly relevant adverts on your blog and making money.

The minimum payout is $100, and payments are made monthly. Wire Transfer and PayPal are the two payment methods available.

2. Monumetric

Monumetric (previously The Blogger Network) is a blogger-focused advertising network that prioritizes content creators and ensures that the adverts displayed on your site are of high quality and relevant to your viewers. They do this in part by speaking directly with their consumers and providing assistance when needed.

Monumetric uses a cost-per-impression model rather than a cost-per-click strategy, which means you are paid when people view your advertisements rather than when they click them. While impressions pay less than clicks, Monumetric compensates by serving highly targeted ads.

Monumetric is also known for its four monetization plans, which are graded based on monthly visits and increase in support as your site grows. While a minimum of 10,000 monthly page views is required for approval, this is a lower threshold than some of the other networks on our list and can be met by smaller blogs.

Also, websites with fewer than 80,000 monthly visits must pay a $99 establishment cost upfront.

Monumetric pays out a minimum of $10 via PayPal or direct deposit. Monumetric is Ideal for Large and medium-sized blogs looking for high-quality, impression-based ads.

3. ylliX

This site is beneficial to new publishers.

The most appealing feature of ad network ylliX is its openness to new publishers: there are no traffic limitations, daily payments, and a $1 minimum payout. ylliX will also approve your website soon after you join up due to its simple prerequisites.

This self-serve platform allows you to create campaigns based on ad impressions, clicks, and actions for mobile and desktop advertisements, including banners, sliders, anchors, in-app, pop-ups, and push notifications.

ylliX also offers a substantial referral program in which you may earn up to $100 for each new user you refer. Moreover, ylliX is Best for publishers (both established and new) looking for a self-service platform with a variety of ad formats and campaign types.

4. BySellAds

BuySellAds is one of the top buy-sell forums for bloggers looking to monetize their websites by selling ad space.

It also offers text ads, RSS ads, Text image ads, and Tweet ads in addition to banner ads (works similarly to Sponsored Tweets).

If your blog is accepted, it can be proven to be the top paid advertising network. To be approved, your blog must be well-designed and receive 100k monthly impressions.

Within 4 to 5 business days, you will receive a response from them.

If you write content in a language other than English, you should move on to the next Google AdSense option.

BuySellAds splits the money in a 3:1 ratio, with you receiving 75% and BuySellAds keeping 25%. For example, if you sell a banner for $100, you will receive $75 and BuySellAds will keep $25.

You have complete control over the banner price as well as the acceptance or rejection of advertiser offers. When you approve, the banner will appear on your website.

I recommend that you only accept offers that are relevant to you. If you blog about gaming, you should only take gaming-related banners. Also, make certain they aren’t spammy.

Payment Info: Minimum Payout: $20 (PayPal), $50 (Check), $500 (Wire). Payment Duration: Two Checkouts Every Month. Payment Method: PayPal, Check, Wire

5. VigLink

In comparison to other ad networks, VigLink functions in a unique way. It converts external links into affiliate links, which means you get paid if someone buys through your outgoing connections.

Or, to put it another way, you’re paid per affiliate sale, not each click.

If you write about products (mobile phones, apps, software, and so on) and believe your content has a buyer persona, VigLink is a good place to start. Even your affiliate links are unaffected.

It helps you save a lot of time. You don’t have to sign up for a lot of affiliate programs separately. Transforming your outgoing links into affiliate links takes care of everything for you.

Viglink takes a 25% commission and deposits the remaining 75% into your account.

Yes, you can use it with AdSense and other networks (as long as you follow AdSense’s policies). It’s simple to set up and has no effect on SEO.

In reality, it gives you complete control over the means by which it will occur.

There is no requirement for minimum traffic. Apply now to start earning money from your outbound connections.

Payment Info: The minimum payout amount is $10 and other are some Payment Options like PayPal. Payment Duration: 60 Days


Infolinks is a well-known network of in-text advertisements. It has four different sorts of ad units: Inframe, Infold, Intag, and Intext.

Bloggers favor the intext ad unit because it takes up no additional space on your blog. In other words, when someone hovers their mouse pointer over a few keywords in your blog post, it displays highly targeted and relevant ads. And you get compensated every time someone clicks on these adverts.

Unlike other Google Adsense competitors, approval is quick, there is no decline, and there are no minimum page views or visitors criteria. It’s simple to set up and allows you complete control over ad modification and ad unit selection. To enhance your earnings and maintain them professionally, you can match the color to your blog layout. You can try out all of the ad units to find which one works best for you.

Publishers receive a 70 percent income share. The minimum payment is $50, with PayPal, Wire, Western Union, Payoneer, ACH, and eCheck as payment alternatives. After 45 days, payment is paid.

7. Taboola

Taboola is great alternative of Google Adsense

For blogs on viral content, news, gossip, and other topics, Taboola is one of the greatest content-based recommendation systems (suggest sponsored content from sponsor sites) and a true Google Adsense alternative.

It also uses a CPC model, which means you are paid per click. A blog with 500,000 monthly page views is required to join Taboola.

Taboola’s top publications include the New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, and NBC Sports, among others. It’s simple to set up, and the best-paying Taboola widget is located directly beneath the blog post/article.

Taboola’s optimization experts can even assist you in determining the highest-paid widget locations.

Payment Details – Minimum Payout – No limit. Payment Methods – Payoneer. Payment Duration – Net 45 Days

8. AdThrive

Another well-liked ad network that looks after its bloggers is AdThrive. However, it is beneficial to major blogs. This CPM network collaborates with both publishers and advertisers to ensure that advertising for excellent products by extraordinary businesses appears on your blogging site. The AdThrive team will help you develop a monetization plan and place your advertising in the most effective locations.

The payment guarantee – you’ll always be paid in full, on time, even if AdThrive doesn’t receive payment from its advertisers on time — is possibly the biggest reason to join AdThrive.

All of this means AdThrive isn’t for newbie bloggers. It requires at least 100,000 monthly pageviews, with the majority coming from the United States. This service should be considered by existing blogs. For PayPal and direct deposit, the minimum payout is $25.

AdThrive is suitable for established publishers who wish to establish a monetization strategy with their ad network and obtain a high reward.

9. PropellerAds

PropellerAds is the most established and well-known CPM network. The CPM network pays you for every 1000 views.

It has four different ad formats. Click Ads, Native Ads, and Native Interstitials are all examples of push notifications.

You can try each one at a time to see which one works best for your blog. It keeps 20% of the publisher’s revenue and gives them the other 80%.

Although it is not comparable to Google AdSense (the CPC Network pays for each click), it is a viable option for monetizing your traffic.

I would not recommend using the Propeller Ad network for any specialized blogs because it also displays pornographic adverts (reported by some users at various forums and blogs).

Give it a shot if you have blogs about music, file sharing, torrents, games, downloads, or viral material. When compared to other niches, you will almost certainly obtain higher CPM rates.

Propeller Ads has the added benefit of being compatible with Google AdSense.

Payment Details – Minimum Payout: First time $100, after that $25 (For All payment methods except Wire), $500 (Wire). Payment Options –  PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, Webmoney, Prepaid Cards, and more. Payment Duration – 30 Days

10. Mediavine

Mediavine is equivalent to AdThrive in terms of revenue share with bloggers and highly-tailored ad placements, but it just takes half of the number of monthly page views (50,000). This ad network works with a huge pool of lifestyle advertisers, therefore it’s geared toward lifestyle bloggers. If you create long-form content in this genre, you should apply.

In addition, Mediavine provides empathy for your cooperation, which is quite rare in this industry. It was founded by bloggers who recognize the need for fast-loading, high-quality ads, as well as transparency: the organization will answer any queries you have regarding advertisements on your site.

For PayPal and direct transfer, Mediavine’s minimum payout is $25 (or $200 for international direct deposit). Mediavina is best for High-traffic monthly lifestyle bloggers.

11. Amazon Bounty Program

My all-time favorite Google Adsense alternative for monetizing my site traffic by promoting relevant incentives is Amazon Bounty Program. In terms of payment, it is not comparable to Adsense. You get a fixed commission for each referral here. If you’re marketing Prime Pantry, for example, you’ll make $3 if someone signs up for a 30-day Prime Pantry Free Trial.

The commission varies depending on the bounty. Every bounty has a thorough description, commission fee, start and end dates, kind, categories, banners, and bounty affiliate links.

To earn the most out of the Amazon Prize program, you must first determine your audience’s interests before selecting a bounty to advertise on your blog.

For instance, if you run a shopping blog, Amazon Prime and Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry are both great ways to market and earn money.

12. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser uses a bidding campaign approach, which means that rather than putting ads automatically, it sells displaying ad space on your website to the highest bidder.

A system like Bidvertiser has both Pros and Cons. If your site has enough traffic, advertisers will compete for space, and you could make a lot more money from the auction than you would from AdSense. However, if advertisers are unfamiliar with your website, you may not receive any bids at all.

Consider which of these categories your blog belongs under before using Bidvertiser. If the bidding system works for you, Bidvertiser’s straightforward ad customization tool, no approval limits, and remuneration for both clicks and conversions can help you succeed. Users of Bidvertiser get paid monthly, with a $10 minimum payout via PayPal.

Websites that prefer a bidding campaign system over a more traditional ad placement platform are the best fit.

13. Skimlinks

Skimlinks is one of the greatest Google Adsense alternatives for efficiently monetizing business content. It functions similarly to Viglink. Yes, it doesn’t take up any more room on your blog. It converts non-profitable outbound links into affiliate links.

You are rewarded every time someone purchases something through these affiliate links. It retains a quarter of your commission. The difference between it and Viglink is that you don’t have to apply for merchants individually.

Once you’ve been approved by Skimlinks, you’ll have access to 20,000 merchants, which is a significant number.

Skimlinks is useful for new blogs because top affiliate networks are hesitant to approve accounts with little traffic and authority.

It’s simple to use and compatible with WordPress (offers a WordPress plugin). If you have a blog with potential buyers, you should give Skimlinks a shot. It has the potential to treble your earnings.

If you ask me which is better between Viglink and Skimlinks, I’ll tell you to test them both and then see which works best for you. Payment Info – Minimum Payout: $10. Payment Method – PayPal. Payment Duration – 30 Days

Conclusion Of Best Google Adsense Alternatives

For your blog, these were the top Google Adsense alternatives. To monetize your site, I’ve compiled a list of the best Google AdSense alternatives. Though there are numerous other advertising options and blog monetization methods, such as selling reviews and affiliate marketing, these Google Adsense Alternatives are ideal for anyone looking for monetization solutions other than AdSense.

Which Google Adsense alternatives do you think are the best? Please share your experiences with the finest Google AdSense alternatives in the comments section.

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