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Bluehost Hosting Review- Is It Worth for Beginners?


BLUEHOST Is The Best Hosting For Every Type Of Website as it is the most affordable & trusted hosting service to buy in 2023

Now we are going to talk about one of the best hosting companies named Bluehost. All types of hosting plans of Bluehost come with the best hosting features and full customer support. You will get a free SSL certificate with all the web hosting plans which are provided by Bluehost.

Bluehost provides its customers with a live chat feature that is permanently available. This is for you to talk with the Bluehost team to talk about your complaint and problem. With the help of this advanced feature, you can share your views and feedback about the hosting and get solved in very little time.

You also get a free domain for the first year in every hosting plan. Their hosting plans start from $2.75 per month with some permanent facilities like SSL certificates, backups, and security. These functionalities will provide the best security and safety to your blog or website.

If we talk about the performance of Bluehost for the last some months. Then I have to say that is good or on the peak with the highest uptime of (99.99%) and the fastest load time of 405 milliseconds.


Initially, we should know about the types of hosting that Bluehost offers.

Bluehost Hosting

What is Shared hosting?

With shared hosting, multiple websites can share a single server. Typically, you have no notion with whom or what websites you’re sharing a server’s resources. The total amount of server resources that each client can use is usually limited, albeit this is decided by the hosting package you choose.

By far the most cost-effective solution for your needs is shared hosting. However, there are certain disadvantages to the low cost, which we’ll cover further down. Because many hosting companies offer the same amount of space and storage, choosing a trusted company is crucial.

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The Benefits of Shared Hosting

  • It’s by far the most cost-effective hosting choice you’ll find. The usual price range for this type of hosting is $2.99-$9.99.
  • Most hosting firms offer many levels of hosting, allowing you to improve your service over time. Therefore, shared hosting is an excellent place to begin.
  • Shared hosting typically has a built-in cPanel, making it easy for you to manage your website.
  • There is no need for you to perform any technical server maintenance because this is usually included in your hosting package.

Simply said, shared hosting might be an excellent choice for people with a limited budget or who are just starting to start online. You may always switch to a different hosting package when your budget allows, so you’re not locked into this level of hosting for the rest of your life.

What is VPS hosting?

Hosting on a virtual private server is the best option for those who have surpassed shared hosting. VPS allows fewer customers to share assigned segments of hard drive space, memory, and processor power, as opposed to shared hosting, which allows several sites to use a single web server with no guarantee of resources.

On a VPS server, each user has their own virtual machine with their own operating system (OS). With VPS hosting, customers can enjoy similar capabilities and performance to those who use a dedicated server.

The majority of website owners begin with shared web hosting. They may need a more powerful hosting plan as their site grows and demands more resources and functions. A virtual private server (VPS) is often thought of as a bridge between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, in which your website is hosted on its own server.

Benefits of Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

VPS hosting is an excellent choice for those who require a specific service. The advantages and disadvantages of running a virtual private server are listed below.

  • There is no minimum fluctuation in available resources because server resources such as memory and processing power are assured.
  • It’s more stable and speedier than a shared hosting server.
  • Traffic surges and server problems of other users have no impact on your site.
  • Your server now has superuser (root) access.
  • Because your files and databases are locked by other server users, you have more privacy.
  • It’s a service that’s simple to scale. You may quickly upgrade your server resources as your website expands (RAM, CPU, disc space, bandwidth, etc.).

 What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is a service that is only available to WordPress users. It includes various WordPress-related features, such as one-click installation, pre-installed plugins, and a WP command-line interface, that you can only use if you have a WordPress site.

WordPress-specific servers have been set up. As a result, hosting companies include WordPress hosting as part of their shared hosting packages.

Although you can set up a WordPress site on a virtual private server, you won’t be able to access the custom-built servers that have been set up specifically for WordPress.

If you decide to go with a VPS for your WordPress site, you will be able to set up and customize your hosting environment to meet your specific business needs.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

You rent a whole physical server for your business with dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting may be the ideal option for you if you have a high-traffic website because dedicated servers are fast, flexible, and fully customizable. 

However, because the service comes at a cost, it is not suitable for everyone, particularly if you have a small or medium-sized website.

Dedicated hosting goes one step further than VPS hosting in allowing you to choose and customize your operating system and server applications. Because the entire server is yours and no one has any say in the setup, it not only allows you to configure the software but also the hardware. 

You can also run a dedicated server on-site (for example, in your workplace), but you will be without the assistance of professional hosting staff.

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What is WordPress pro hosting?

Users can monitor and control their WordPress website promotion and performance from a single, easy-to-use dashboard with WordPress Pro.

WordPress Pro gives users access to more server resources and customer support than is typically available on shared hosting providers. In addition to increased performance, WordPress Pro now includes important security features such as malware detection and removal, SSL certificates, and domain privacy, making it one of the safest ways to establish a WordPress website available.


Bluehost Hosting Pros

Bluehost hosting

●     Best uptime (99.99%)

●     Fast, 405 ms load time as the average

●     Good & quick customer support

●     Recommended by

●     1-Click installs for website builders

●     Cheap introductory cost

Bluehost Hosting Cons

●     It is worst to say that, you have to pay for a website transfer. In simple words, website transfer is not free.

●    Higher Domain Renewal Price.

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Benefits of Bluehost hosting That encourages you to buy

1. Best Uptime – 99.99% – All the Year

It is the most important factor which you should concentrate on at the time of buying a hosting service from any of the companies. By the way, If we talk about uptime. Bluehost is on the top list to provide the best uptime of 99.99%.

Why uptime is more important for any website?

Uptime is responsible for, whether the website is on the internet or not. If you visit any of the websites and servers continuously showing the loading. Then the website is down. In that case, the website’s owner should talk with their hosting provider’s team and resolve the uptime problem.

If the site is down then the visitors can not access the website. That’s why I said, this is the most crucial factor.

Good News: Bluehost is maintaining 100% average uptime for the past many years. The uptime of Bluehost is 99.99. That is unexpected.

2. “Load” Speed – 403ms: India’s Best Hosting service

Website loading speed on mobile and computer. Bluehost gives the fastest page load speed as compared to other web hosting companies. As per the last year’s report by Google, the maximum website loading speed is too low, especially on mobile. It is very important to manipulate and increase the website loading speed.

According to our data survey, Bluehost is in fourth number in the list of quick loading speeds. Last month the speed of Bluehost is 405ms which is only 0.4 seconds. It is great to listen that Bluehost is a leading hosting provider at a very low cost of web hosting.

3. Affordable & Low Starting Price ($2.75/mo) only

This is an important factor for a blogger because it affects the budget and what types of features you will get at a reasonable price.

The starting price of Bluehost is only $2.75/month. which is undoubtedly a good deal because in this amount you will get almost all the facilities such as the SSL Certificate and unlimited bandwidth and the huge SSD storage of in GB etc.

This is the minimum price which you have seen on the internet. Bluehost has become the new affordable host to consider in 2020.

The primary motive of Bluehost is to provide all the facilities with good service at a low cost which everybody can buy for their website or blog.

4. Good Security & Privacy Options: India’s Best Hosting service

It is right that Bluehost is the way cheaper option for every type of website user. You will feel happy to know that, Bluehost also provides the best security option and functions at that price. You do not need to take any tension regarding your website’s security and privacy.

The main security feature which is going to be very helpful for you is domain privacy. This helps you to keep your website’s personal details private. It will help your website to prevent hackers who playing tricks on innocent people like you.

Websitelock is here to aid your website from malware and virus attacks. Forgiving the spam protection: b; Bluehost provides the Postini which is from google and it is a final security tool to protect your emails from spam.

It is unnecessarily important to back up the website for pages and posts or other all data for future safety. So, Bluehost has a code guard. Which provides you with daily backup for your website’s continuity.

5. Recommended Host by India’s Best Hosting service

Do you know, that WordPress officially recommended Bluehost hosting partners for WordPress websites? Of course, WordPress is a widely used platform by bloggers.

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Top officially suggested hosting companies by WordPress:-

●     Bluehost

●     Dreamhost

●     Siteground

It is encouraging that, Bluehost is the first recommendation by WordPress

6. Easy to use (Especially for Beginners & Newbies)

As I say, A new beginner can easily access this and manage it. But some of the web hosts are tough to handle. Even non-technical people can operate this without any knowledge.

●     Easy layout

The best thing is that an understandable layout makes it easy to handle. Time by time use makes you perfect in managing.

●     One-click install

You can install WordPress and any other option with just a single click.

●     Extra

You can use the website builder provided by Bluehost such as Weebly and drupal. It provides free templates that help you to design your website.

7. 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee & Good Customer Support

You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee. It is the best security option for your satisfaction.

If we talk about the customer support of Bluehost then it provides a lot of options such as live chat and email box. Even you can take their help by calling.


If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend money on buying website hosting then you can start with blogger which provides you with free hosting to start. But I recommend you if you can afford a little money then go with Bluehost Hosting so that you don’t have to worry about anything after some time.

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